VA’s customers already knew this
but the Equifax Data Breach was entirely preventable.

Don't be an Equifax!
Virtual Auditor would have prevented this breach.

Are You Ready for 23 NYCRR 500?
VA and Our Clients Are!

Ransomware Hit Healthcare
and Finance the Hardest.

Get your mandated compliance
controls put in place.

meet your new virtual security officer, it never takes a break.

Every organization has a
wheel of pain, what's yours?

What is VA?
A fully managed Information security program.

Your compliance appliance solution.

Virtual Auditor's VSOS solution empowers organizations with the knowledge of threats and vulnerabilities based upon consistent and comprehensive assessments.

This enables a precise response to meet not only IT compliance requirements but to implement a formal, technical information security program.

VSOS Overview

Virtual Auditor’s “Virtual Security Officer Server” (VSOS) is a fully managed information security solution that enables organizations to collect, store, and analyze network security events to meet IT compliance requirements. This unique solution correlates the impact of the events to measure the level of compliance to regulatory mandates and industry requirements. The complex data is parsed and presented in clear and understandable, yet comprehensive reports.

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What is VSOS?

Virtual Auditor’s Virtual Security Officer Server (VSOS) is a unique, fully-managed, information security auditing assessment solution that helps you establish a formal information secuirty program within your organization. VSOS is packed with powerful vulnerability, auditing and testing tools that will identify security vulnerabilities, poor processes and compliance issues within your environment as well as gaps in your existing security program.

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What's it Do?

VSOS is unlike a third party auditor plugging his/her foreign machine into your network and scanning with a number of unknown or unsafe tools, VA takes a different approach. Imagine taking all of the best assessment security tools in the industry and molding them into one assessment engine. Virtual Audior’s VSOS is such an engine. VSOS is located in your data center, never “in the cloud”.

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Threats getting past your defenses

Trojan Horses

Security Risks Virtual Auditor Eliminates

surface threats

Problems may be much larger than they appear on the surface. Do you know how deep your problems go?

spear phishing

Spear phishing, ransomware, malicious email payloads, portable media threats and other targeted attacks are on the rise. Visitors, vendors and contractors might be trying to connect insecure devices to your network.

business & operational challenges

IT operational challenges, tight budgets, resource constraints, lack of training, lack of tools, tight project timelines and lack of management understanding all contribute to undiscovered, dangerous threats below the surface.

targeted dangerous attacks

Hacktivists, commercialized hackers, even thieves going after physical assets are serious threats to your data and reputation.

nation state actors & advanced persistent threats

Do you feel that if you see no threats, hear no threats, and speak not of your threats, that they don't exist?

constantly emerging threat landscape

Zero Days, organized crime, poor development practices and bad or inconsistent patch management all lead to unknown threats emerging and continuously growing.

Threat Statistics

In 2017, the number of zero-day vulnerabilities discovered nearly tripled, a 170 percent increase from the year before. Or put another way, a new zero-day vulnerability was found every week (on average) in 2017. Furthermore, there was a record-setting total of eleven mega-breaches including the massive Equifax hack.

But this number hides a bigger story. In 2017, more companies chose not to reveal the full extent of their data breaches. A conservative estimate of unreported breaches pushes the number of records lost to more than half a billion.   (Source: Symantec)

In 2017 54 percent of companies experienced one or more successful attacks that compromised data and/or IT infrastructure.


In 2018 at least 69 percent of organizations polled do not believe their current antivirus solution can stop emerging security threats.


As much as 77 percent of current cyberattacks utilize advanced exploits including fileless techniques.