143 Million

It's been called the worst data breach in US history. Attackers stole half the US population's social security numbers from Equifax in July, but the company only notified customers in September. The fallout has been devastating, with class action lawsuits being filed and consumers demanding free credit monitoring.

VA Prevents This Type of Breach

Perhaps if Equifax's senior management had continuous monitoring in place, such as Virtual Auditor, they might have known about vulnerabilities sooner, stopped the breach earlier, and notified everyone more rapidly. They also might not have been fired and congressional investigations and over 30 lawsuits seeking more than $100 Billion in damages wouldn't be underway right now.

Equifax Hack

Don't be an Equifax!

Learn how VA's continuous monitoring let's Executives know the state of information security constantly, in an understandable format.

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